Industrial Design is the design of mass production products intended for consumers and professional users.


A structural and mechanical design must meet all requirements. The right materials must be used in which the workability of a material plays a role. The design needs a profitable cost price and it has to fit in the production process of the producer.


Products for the consumers market are obedient to trends and lifestyles and it has to respond to that in terms of features and outward appearance. We follow the current social developments and design trends. This keeps us well informed of the current shape language and color use, so that we can make the design fit to the intented audience.


Interaction between user and product. Size and weight of a product and the handling and operation of possible controls must be matched to the human dimensions, strengths and abilities.


Thinking from the manufacturer and from the user. How soon and at what price can the product be produced, the possibility to produce the product in a number of variants, the relationship between product and packaging, storage and transportation, self-assembly by the user, etc.


By a good design the energy consumption is always thoroughly examined , the posibility of seperating and the re-use of components of the product when it is discarded, reducing packaging materials, etc.