When for manifacture of a new product no existing product machines are available or existing machines should be adjusted, Phoenix Engineering are looking for the solution. Even if the purchase of existing machines are outside your budget and ideas exist to facilitate the production, Phoenix can help you.
If you opt for a self-designed production machine, then Phoenix translates your wishes for you into a design aimed at achieving maximum returns. Your requirements and needs will be carefully mapped by us. You can judge the result of the design on the basis of a detailed three-dimensional construction drawing. After the design is approved it will go into production. The production follows a few steps. Each step is discussed in advance and subsequently evaluated. This means you get maximum control throughout the process.

Clean modular belts

Phoenix Engineering has developed a system for cleaning the so-called modular belts. At the company Cor Seegers the system is attached to the conveyor system in their warehouse.

Unlike high pressure spraying the tires with the result that the dirt only moved, we are dealing with a closed system where the waste water discharged is controlled. By clever use of nozzles is also much lower water consumption. The system also works with normal water pressure and thus to the water system to connect.